47 uncapped fibre packages for under R500

There are numerous fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) packages available in South Africa for under R500 per month, with many offering connectivity for less than R300.

The FTTH market has become fiercely competitive over the past few years, with a plethora of Internet service providers (ISPs) vying for a growing number of households getting access to fibre infrastructure.

While most households only have one fibre network operator (FNO) available in their area, some suburbs in densely populated areas have access to multiple networks.

Pricing is one way ISPs and FNOs can set themselves apart from the competition.

Many households are willing to pay a handsome monthly fee for reliable Internet, but some do not need the higher speeds FTTH offers.

With competing technologies like uncapped fixed-LTE and fixed-5G priced around R300 to R600, FTTH ISPs must offer entry-level packages to stay relevant in budget-oriented markets.

There has also been an increased focus from major FNOs to offer affordable products in lower-income areas.

MyBroadband perused the entry-level uncapped FTTH products available from four of the country’s best-known fibre ISPs — Afrihost, Cool Ideas, Telkom, and Webafrica — and found dozens of options for less than R500 per month.

Download speeds varied greatly — from 4Mbps to 50Mbps — while upload speeds ranged between 1Mbps and 30Mbps.

The cheapest package was a Zoom Fibre 15/15Mbps line priced at R229 per month through Cool Ideas.

Afrihost and Webafrica offered the same package for R267 and R249, respectively.

The most affordable package on one of the four big FTTH networks was a 25/25Mbps Vumatel package, available from Cool Ideas for R429 per month.

Afrihost, Telkom, and Webafrica charged R449 per month for the same product.

When including specialised low-income products like Frogfoot Air, Frogfoot Rise, Openserve Web Connect, and Vuma Reach, there were numerous options starting from R249 on Webafrica for the 10/10Mbps Vuma Reach package.

It should be emphasised that there are many other ISPs offering these services, so the total number of products under R500 in South Africa likely number in the hundreds.

The table below lists all the FTTH packages available for under R500 from four of South Africa’s most popular ISPs.

FTTH packages under R500 in South Africa
Internet service provider Fibre network operator Download speed Upload speed Monthly price 
Cool Ideas Zoom Fibre 15Mbps 15Mbps R229
Webafrica Zoom Fibre 15Mbps 15Mbps R249
Webafrica Vuma Reach 10Mbps 10Mbps R249
Webafrica Frogfoot Rise (prepaid) 10Mbps 5Mbps R249
Afrihost Link Layer 10Mbps 10Mbps R257
Afrihost Zoom Fibre 15Mbps 15Mbps R267
Webafrica MTD Networx 10Mbps 10Mbps R279
Afrihost Frogfoot Air 10Mbps 1Mbps R297
Cool Ideas Frogfoot Air 10Mbps 1Mbps R299
Webafrica Fibre Suburb Networks 5Mbps 5Mbps R299
Telkom Openserve Web Connect 20Mbps 10Mbps R315
Afrihost Openserve Web Connect 40Mbps 20Mbps R329
Webafrica Frogfoot Air 10Mbps 1Mbps R329
Webafrica Openserve Web Connect 20Mbps 10Mbps R339
Telkom Frogfoot Air 10Mbps 1Mbps R349
Telkom Openserve Web Connect 40Mbps 20Mbps R385
Afrihost Openserve Web Connect 40Mbps 20Mbps R389
Webafrica Openserve Web Connect 40Mbps 20Mbps R389
Cool Ideas Vumatel Reach 20Mbps 10Mbps R389
Afrihost Vumatel Reach 20Mbps 10Mbps R399
Webafrica Vumatel Reach 20Mbps 10Mbps R399
Cool Ideas Red Networks 10Mbps 10Mbps R399
Cool Ideas Comtel 10Mbps 10Mbps R418
Cool Ideas Vumatel 25Mbps 25Mbps R429
Cool Ideas MetroFibre Nova 20Mbps 20Mbps R429
Webafrica Frogfoot Air 50Mbps 10Mbps R429
Afrihost Frogfoot Air 40Mbps 1Mbps R447
Cool Ideas Frogfoot Air 50Mbps 10Mbps R449
Cool Ideas Zoom Fibre 30Mbps 30Mbps R449
Afrihost Vumatel 25Mbps 25Mbps R449
Telkom Vumatel 25Mbps 25Mbps R449
Webafrica Vumatel 25Mbps 25Mbps R449
Afrihost Comtel Communications 10Mbps 10Mbps R457
Cool Ideas Balwin Fibre 4Mbps 1Mbps R459
Webafrica MetroFibre Nova 20Mbps 20Mbps R469
Webafrica Comtel 10Mbps 10Mbps R469
Webafrica Mitsol 10Mbps 2Mbps R469
Webafrica Balwin Fibre 4Mbps 1Mbps R479
Cool Ideas Link Layer 30Mbps 30Mbps R489
Cool Ideas Fibre Suburb Networks 10Mbps 10Mbps R489
Afrihost MetroFibre Nova 20Mbps 20Mbps R497
Afrihost Vodacom 20Mbps 10Mbps R497
Afrihost Fibre Suburb Networks 10Mbps 10Mbps R497
Telkom Frogfoot Air 50Mbps 10Mbps R499
Webafrica Link Layer 30Mbps 30Mbps R499
Telkom MetroFibre Nova 20Mbps 20Mbps R499
Webafrica DNATel 20Mbps 20Mbps R499

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47 uncapped fibre packages for under R500

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